About Our Ormus

We've dedicated our business to one of the most Profound discoveries known to human kind: Ormus monatomic elements. Over the years we've perfected our Ormus craft, news of incredible results spread to friends of friends across the world. Anything that can naturally transform and revitalise your mind, body, and spirit is Profound. Ormus is one of them. 

If it's Profound, it's Pure. Only the healthiest and smartest crafting practices are implemented in our processes as our bodies deserve nothing but the absolute best. 

Made with pure intentions

Masaru Emoto has shown us that the crystalline structure of water can can be imprinted with frequencies such as music, words, and conscious thought. Monatomic elements are easily influenced by ethereal energies. From the strong EMF waves that we produce through our technology, to the smallest quantum forces our minds and bodies resonate. This is why we craft with only pure intentions, on the most optimum lunar cycle, imprinting the frequency of the full moon, as the Lunar & Solar (yin & yang) are in natural harmonic balance. In this highly charged yet balanced state, our elixir is ready to take on your unique energetic signature. This helps you connect with your true essence; amplifying the connection with your intuitiveness and manifestation abilities.

Profound Ocean


Crafted to perfection

Crafted in a completely EMF proof environment away from the reaches of radio towers and other unnatural frequencies. We use 5 stage reverse osmosis purified water to suspend our monatomics. Kept completely free from nasties like municipal fluoride, heavy metals, and other chemicals like hormones, pesticides, and preservatives all the way to your door. 

Purity tested

We don't cut corners. We routinely get our Ormus assayed to make sure you're getting nothing but the purest and most empowering Ormus possible. Our tests detect heavy metals and microbiological matter. 


Where we source our minerals from 

Our minerals are sourced from pristine natural deposits across the world in the form of its tested and certified pure mineral salts. Including Himalayan based minerals, Hawaiian volcanic known for it’s mineral rich clay component, Grand pacific known for its Rhodium and Iridium content (for the M3 effect), and finally Dead Sea salt for it’s high, naturally occurring Monatomic Gold content.