What's the difference between Monatomic Gold and Ormus?

What's the difference between Ormus and Monatomic Gold?

A short video contrast to educate people on the discernible differences in appearance of Monatomic Gold and Ormus when suspended in distilled water. Power to the buyer!


Definition: A wide variety of monatomic elements, derived from natural marine based sources. If Monatomic Gold is equal to 1 Monatomic element, Ormus would be equal to 50+ elements in varying amounts depending where your minerals are sourced from. 
Ormus elements are macro and micro minerals in their most powerful monoatomic form. These are elements we rarely get from our mass produced diets, yet is required by the body to produce energy, reduce stress, fuel cellular and DNA repair, increase stamina, enhance mental function, detoxify the body, maintain healthy hair and skin, and literally thousands more processes. It is highly recommended to maintain healthy levels of these elements while using monatomic gold for maximum effect.
The wider range of elements the better. Our bodies are made up of over 92 different elements and cannot make them on our own, we must consume them. When they are in their organic, Ormus (monatomic) form, they are more easily absorbed and transported to where they are needed.
Notice Ormus' cloud like nature when suspended. Also notice our Ormus' pink hue, as we derive our Ormus elements from various natural mineral deposits including Hawaiian Red Volcanic, Pink Himalayan, Celtic, and Dead Sea minerals, to capture the widest range of benefits possible.
Known for
Cognitive function: 
Improving your memory, focus, and mental clarity, so you can be sure you're performing at your best. Ormus minerals promote healthy brain function by regulating neuronal communication and increasing oxygen to your brain.
Natural energy:
Stay energized throughout the day, without the jitters that coffee gives you. Ormus naturally gives longer lasting energy by unlocking your bodies ability to metabolise and produce energy.
Our Ormus formula helps you enter a natural state of mindfulness. Replenishing your Ormus balance helps you reduce stress by synchronizing your brain-waves to better deal with modern-day stressors and anxiety.
DNA repair / overall mind & body restoration:
Ormus has a knack for rebuilding and restoring on a cellular level. It's what minerals would be doing if they weren't in their synthetic mass produced form. When you eat from Mother Nature's garden, you reap the benefits. Our cells require us to consume 92 elements to function properly. When you give your body all of those 92 elements in their organic, highly absorbable Ormus form, this is when the magic starts to happen. Your body is able to now transport those minerals to where it requires them the most, repairing your eyes, your lungs, your liver, your nails skin hair, and even your brain.

Monatomic Gold

Definition: Monatomic Gold is the singular, pure monatomic element, directly transmuted from 24k gold (Au) and nothing else. Although the same amount in mass is contained in each bottle, you will notice that gold looks a lot less in amount. This is due to its ultra fine particle makeup, being at least diatomic in a string like molecular structure. In singular form, the element stacks nicely. We alchemically transmute our gold using the pH swing technique.
Known for
Gold creates a kind of lasting, yet subtle natural energy, which leads to more will-power, creativity, and motivation while calming a hyperactive mind and nervous system allowing for better clarity of thought and emotion.
The Ancient Egyptians used Gold to access higher states of consciousness, awareness, and intuition, supercharging one's spiritual connectedness allowing  stronger chi energy flow through out the light body for greater physical healing and life extension.
This enhanced awareness of the spiritual and physical world can be explained by Gold’s atomically high spin state when inductively separated, better known as a monatomic state, more accurately described as inductively separated atomic gold.
We decided to make the most empowering monatomic formula available: Ormus Gold by combining our multi-element Pure Ormus with a carefully measured amount of our Pure Monatomic Gold formula. At 25,000ppm, Ormus Gold contains our recommended highly effective amount of mind, body, and spirit super enhancing Gold, without over doing it. While also containing every monatomic element the human body consists of and requires to thrive for your being to flourish.

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